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----Manufacturing Capabilities

Packaging Options

Green Leaf®, Incorporated is an ISO 9001 and Q9001 certified company with a scope of designing and manufacturing injection molded products.

Press sizes from 40-450 tons
Fully Automated Robotics
UPC Codes
Polypropylene / Polyethylene / Nylon
Application Assistance
Design & Development
Computer-aided Design (CAD)
Just-in-time or blanket release programs to your requirements
Special Packaging, Barcoding & EDI
ISO 9001/Q9001 Certified
ASTM Member
ANSII Compliant



SPOTLIGHT----- Retail Planogram Program
12ft Planogram

We can help with the implementation of our products into your store.....Maximizing the space---Minimizing the hassle

CUSTOM MOLDING From Concept and Design...to Completed Product.
Custom products can be manufactured to your specific needs.

PACKAGING OPTIONS Packaging--Bagging--Labeling--UPC Codes
We'll work with you to find the best solution for your retail outlet.

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