Precision Molded Polypropylene Ball Valves


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Green Leaf Polypropylene Ball Valves
Green Leaf Valves provide drip-free shut off and maintain line pressure.
Our ball valve sizes range from 1/2” to 4”. Green Leaf® Inc's line of ball valves available include true union, bolt & nozzle valves.
The X Series Ball Valves feature a easy operating steel handle.
Green Leaf® Valves include precision machined ball & multiple o-ring seals to prevent leaking. Additional features include 125 psi capacity at 140 degrees F, PTFE filled polypropylene seats & optional lever handles.



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VALVES4 and Six Bolt Valves
X Series (steel handled)
True Union & Quick Shut Off Valves
Single Union
Dispensing Nozzle
Swivel Fitting

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